100% Legal Self-Defense Tool Can Hide In Pocket Yet Provides Brutal Knockout Power #gear

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Crafted to perfection from a solid block of aluminium = strength!

The design of this tactical pen gives a 10x force multiplier. Meaning that a blow in the right spot can drop any attacker in seconds!

You should always keep one in the car too because it works an an emergency glass breaker!

New feature! We’ve added a “DNA Collector” crown. When used correctly this will collect DNA which can help build cases against attackers.

The sprung steel pocket click means you can always have this on you, ready for any situation!

It’s not just a discreet self-defense weapon, it’s a working pen with ink included

Tactical Pens sell for up to $79, but after talks with our manufacturer we’re able to offer you the STRIKEPEN™ for FREE (limited quantity available at the FREE price)